Ovulation Tests: 50 Pack Review

Ovulation Tests: 50 Pack

  • Ovulation Tests: 50 Pack
  • An Ovulation Test or OPK can Easily identify your “LH Surge” – the time you’re most likely to conceive
  • Sensitivity of 25 miu/ml
  • Our OPKs are 99.9% accurate
  • Expires approximately 2 years from purchase date

Our ovulation test strips are 99.9% accurate at detecting your “LH Surge” – the sudden, brief increase in luteinizing hormone present in your urine just before you ovulate. These test strips detect LH with sensitivity of 25 miu/ml. All tests are 5 millimeters wide (maximum width available for easiest interpretation) and individually sealed in a foil pouch. The “Early Pregnancy Tests” brand of Ovulation Tests is sold exclusively by Pregnancy Store. To ensure you receive the product described above and pictured here, please purchase from Pregnancy Store as opposed to other online vendors.

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