Menopause Test (Pack of 2 Tests) – Test and be sure! Review

Menopause Test (Pack of 2 Tests) - Test and be sure!

  • Menopause Tests to test for raised levels of FSH hormone. FSH levels that are high can indicate that a woman’s body is trying to stimulate ovulation without success. Failure to ovulate is one of the initial symptoms of menopause and infertility.
  • You will receive Menopause Tests box with 2 tests to test for levels of FSH, positive result (2 lines of the same colour) may indicate a peri-menopause stage. It is important that you perform a test on 2 different dates. Please read a leaflet enclosed carefully or contact us if in doubt.
  • Over 99% accurate. Test on days 3-5 when period still present, if not any date.
  • Fast and reliable, Easy to use, Quickly detects raised levels of FSH Hormone

High levels of Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) can cause several adverse symptoms in many women, including hot flushes, insomnia, headaches and infertility. Levels outside the normal range may cause women to feel moody, gain weight and cause irregular menstruation. High levels of FSH may indicate a peri-menopause state .

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