Digital Basal Thermometer with Backlight for Ovulation Tracking BBT (1/100th Accuracy) Bundled with 50 Ovulation (LH) Test Strips for Natural Family Planning (NFP)

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  • Basal temperature thermometer and ovulation test strips: Wagen fast thermometer is designed for BBT charting. It’s highly sensitive to temp shifts. The readings are accurate but not consistant like a ferver thermometer. You will got 50 Wagen ovulation test strips as well.
  • Ovulation test strips carries sensitivity of 25mIU/ml. They shows positive results 24~48 hours before ovulation. While records of Basal Body Temperatures (BBTs) accurately determine if a woman is ovulating, and if the length of the post-ovulatory (luteal) phase of her menstrual cycle is sufficient to sustain a pregnancy.
  • Regular oral thermometer for adults tend to overstate BBT and people is hard to get two-phase BBT chart with them. Wagen basal thermometer solves this problem. It is highly accurate and sensitive and read fast in 9 seconds. More precise BBTs are estimated and two-phase chart is easily gotten with Wagen basal thermometer.
  • Wagen thermometer works not only for BBT charting but also for fever diagnosis. It specialized functions into 3 modes. A) Actual Mode for BBT charting. B) Predict Mode for quick fever diagnosis. C) Persistant measuring for stric fever diagnosis.
  • Take temp everyday early morning (like 5:00am) for BBT. DO NOT take any activity before temps are undertaken. Apply the ovulation test strips after 10:00am. The day you get a dark line, you can test twice hours later to catch the surge.


Your Order Includes:

1x Basal Thermometer

50x LH Pregnancy Tests 

What’s BBT?

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) is the LOWEST body temperature. It is estimated by taking temp early morning before any activity is undertaken. Records of Basal Body Temperatures (BBTs) accurately determine if a woman is ovulating, and if the length of the post-ovulatory (luteal) phase of her menstrual cycle is sufficient to sustain a pregnancy. 

Why I can never get a positive result with the ovulation test strips?

1, Apply it after 10:00am. 

2, The LH level rise rapidly from hour to hour before ovulation, and drop quickly after the surge day. Test 2~4 times during the surge day to catch the positive result.

3, Anovulation. Regular menstrual cycles are often taken as evidence that a woman is ovulating normally, and irregular cycles is evidence she is not. However, many women with irregular cycles do ovulate normally, and some with regular cycles are actually anovulatory or have a luteal phase defect. You can look back the BBT chart to confirm. 

How to clean Wagen basal thermometer?

It has a water proof tip. Just wash the tip under tap water. Or use a Alcohol cotton piece to clean the tip.

【Made in USA】 DoublecheQ 50 LH + 20 HCG Ovulation Test Strips & Pregnancy Test Strips Combo Kit with...

  • Assured quality – manufactured and quality controlled in USA. All tests have been approved by FDA.
  • Convenient to use and easy to perform – each single test is accompanied by a disposable urine collector. Simply dip for 3 seconds and lay the strip on a clean flat surface for result development. More information such as when to start testing and technical features is available in the test inserts provided along with the kit.
  • Better quality – wider strips for easier and clearer result interpretation.
  • Great value – 50 ovulation test strips and 20 pregnancy test strips in each kit. All tests are individually packaged.
  • Super accuracy – all tests are over 99% accurate. Ovulation tests help you identify your most fertile days, substantially enhancing your chance to conceive; pregnancy tests are super sensitive and can help you detect pregnancy as early as 5 days prior to your next expected period.

Size:50LH + 20HCG

The kit includes:

1. 50 DoublecheQ Ovulation Test
2. 20 DoublecheQ Pregnancy Test
3. 70 Disposable Urine Collectors
4. One Instructions for Use for DoublecheQ Ovulation Test
5. One Instructions for Use for DoublecheQ Pregnancy Test.

Please consult the instructions for use in detail before performing the test.

Mocase 50pcs Ovulation Tests Strips Pregnancy Preparation Ovulation LH Test Paper Strip With 50pcs...

  • The LH Urine Ovulation Test is an accurate and easy-to-use test to pinpoint a user’s ovulation days
  • Ovulation tests will give woman greater chance of predicting their most fertile days, even if their cycle lengths are variable
  • Levels as low as 25 mIU/ml ( FDA standard) can be detected within 3 to 5 minutes. Results are 99% accurate
  • HOW TO USE :1) Immerse the strip into the urine; 2) Do not pass the MAX line; lay the strip flat; 3) Read the result within 10 minutes
  • HOW TO READ : Negative: Only one color band appears in the Control Zone, with no band in the Test Zone; Positive: Distinct color bands appear in both the Control and Test Zones

Package Quantity:50

Note: The color intensity of the test bands on the test may vary depending on the concentration of LH hormone detected

Fertilaid for Men and FertilAid for Women Combo (1 Month Supply)

  • FertilAid for Women is designed to help restore female hormonal balance, promote regular ovulation, and support reproductive wellness and is the best selling fertility supplement on the market today.
  • FertilAid for Women a natural, patented, science-based formula, containing key herbal ingredients that have been shown to enhance fertility and encourage hormonal balance.
  • FertilAid for Men is clinically proven in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study to increase the total number of motile sperm a man produces.
  • FertilAid for Men features a patented science-based formula, containing key amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Doctor-designed to help naturally optimize your reproductive health and increase your chances of conceiving.

Size:1 Month Supply

FertilAid for Men is the best-selling male fertility supplement in the United States, clinically proven in a double-blind, placebo controlled study to increase the total number of motile sperm a man produces. Formulated by leading fertility expert, Dr. Amos Grunebaum, patented FertilAid for Men contains a proprietary blend of key antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and minerals that have been demonstrated to improve male reproductive health, and increase a coupleês chances of conceiving. FertilAid for Men is recommended for all trying-to-conceive men to help ensure optimal reproductive health, regardless of whether or not a semen analysis has been performed. In cases of suspected or demonstrated low sperm count or low sperm motility, FertilAid for Men can be taken together with companion products CountBoost and/or MotilityBoost. Note that spermatogenesis (the creation and maturation of sperm) is a three month process, and FertilAid for Men should be taken continuously until conception has occurred for best results. FertilAid for Women is the Ob/Gyn-recommended fertility supplement designed to enhance fertility and improve your reproductive health. FertilAid for Women was formulated on the basis of established scientific literature to help optimize fertility as part of a healthy lifestyle. With a patented formula that includes chasteberry (vitex), red clover blossom, siberian ginseng, and gingko biloba, FertilAid can help restore hormonal balance while supporting overall reproductive wellness.

Check Mate Infidelity Test Kit - 10 Tests - Check your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner.

  • Quick and easy multiple use kit performs 5 tests
  • Results in 5 minutes or less
  • Designed to work on any type or color of material
  • Will not damage or stain the material being tested
  • 2 Packs (5 tests each pack) 10 Tests

Check Mate Infidelity Test Kit – 10 Tests. The 5 minute infidelity test kit is scientifically formulated to actually monitor your spouse’s sexual activity outside of the relationship by detecting traces of semen that are left in the undergarments after sex. “If they did it

ClinicalGuard® Ovulation Test Strips (Individually-Sealed, Pack of 50)

  • The ClinicalGuard LH Urine Ovulation Test is an accurate and easy-to-use test to pinpoint a user’s ovulation days.
  • Test strips have sensitivity of 25 mIU, or 25 ng/L
  • Negative: Only one color band appears in the Control Zone, with no band in the Test Zone.
  • Positive: Distinct color bands appear in both the Control and Test Zones.
  • This product only available on Amazon from ClinicalGuard

The ClinicalGuard LH Urine Ovulation Test is an accurate and fast-acting ovulation test. It works by detecting the presence of Luteinizing Hormone (“LH”) in urine. LH increases dramatically just before ovulation – a woman’ most fertile time of the month to conceive. The increase in LH, also known as LH-Surge, is the hormonal change that precipitates ovulation (the release of the egg). The ClinicalGuard test takes just a few seconds to collect your urine, and five minutes to obtain results. Note: The color intensity of the test bands on the test may vary depending on the concentration of LH hormone detected.

Newbornty 50 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Pregnancy Test Strips With 70 Urine Cup and 1 Testing Card,...

  • ACCURATE TEST – Ovulation test have sensitivity to determine Luteinizing Hormone of women who trying to conceive. Pregnancy test show you the HCG level. Period never missed
  • TRACKING TEST CARD – Cycle lengths are variable, the tracking test card would help you to determine when to start testing and help you to record and compare your history test on the table
  • EASY & QUICK TEST – With 70 urine cups, simply dip the strip in the urine sample for 10 seconds. The instruction manual will guide you through the process of predicting. Recommend test LH at 10:00AM-8:00PM, Color of the test line will change from shallow to deep untill the are the same as control line
  • FDA APPROVAL – Levels of hCG and LH as low as 25 mIU / ml (FDA standard) can be detected within 3 to 5 minutes. Results are over 99.8% accurate
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed : Refund or return are acceptable, we dedicate to be the best home use tests provider, please contact us before any bad feedback


You will receive:

Newbornty 50 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Early Pregnancy Test Strips with 70 urine cups, 1 Tracking test card, 1 Instruction.
Newbornty products are economical option for the budget minded trying to conceive customer.Ovulation test used to predict when there is a LH surge, when you are likely to ovulate.Pregnancy test measures the level of pregnancy hormone HCG in women’s urine.


Better test LH at 10:00AM-8:00PM.
For LH test, color of the test line will change from shallow to deep until the are the same as control line, when test line looks like the control line or darker than control line, then it is your ovulation time, suggest to test from your day 4
For HCG test, better to test when wake up in the morning, two lines means pregnant and one line means not pregnant
– Most reliable, reputable ovulation test on the market
– All tests FDA approved and over 99.8% accuracy
– Easy to use
– Quick 10 minute results
– Earliest detection, greatest sensitivity level – 25 mIU/mL


The LH which is in the urine of normal women will increase dramatically in the middle of the menstrual cycle.The LH increase triggers ovulation which is when the egg is released periodically from normal fertile women. Ovulation will occur after 24-48 hours following a positive test. The test strip detects ovulation with a high degree of certainty. It is a valuable tool in helping to archive pregnancy since it determines the period that the egg and the sperm cells will meet the best conditions. Ovulation may be irregular because of circumstances, emotions and other factors in your life.You cannot presume that ovulation always occurs at the same time after menstruation. Therefore, you should test again in each menstrual cycle.

Easy@Home Progesterone (PDG Test) Urine Test Strips Kit -20 Tests, Newly Launched FDA Registered...

  • ✔ NEWLY Launched Progesterone (PDG) urine test-10 Tests Includes urine Progesterone (PDG) Tests which CONFIRM ovulation to help you get pregnant sooner and easier. [email protected] recommends to use it with [email protected] Ovulation and Pregnancy Test to get a complete picture of your ovulation cycle accurately. Search “[email protected] Ovulation Test” on Amazon to view complete selection.
  • ✔ 4 KEY Benefits of Progesterone Test: 1) Allows you to “double check” ovulation has occurred without the need for daily temperature charting; 2) Allows you to track your ovulation even when it is hard to determine your LH Surge day; 3) Helps to identify low progesterone, a main cause of infertility and subfertility; 4) Alerts you when a positive ovulation test is not followed by ovulation as the false positive ovulation test is common in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).
  • ✔ WHY A PDG Solution? Using these tests helps determine if you are ovulating normally. This information will allow you to identify possible hormonal irregularities that can cause infertility so that you can see a doctor to have a successful pregnancy sooner.
  • ✔ EASY AND ACCURATE: Quick and easy to use tests: dip the strips in urine for 3-5 seconds and read results 3 minutes later. Results are 99% accurate. The cutoff level is 5 ug/ml (Microgram/milliliter) units. 5ug/ml is equal to 5000 ng/ml (Nanogram/milliliter) for conversion purposes.
  • ✔ QUALITY AND SERVICE: 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed: experienced and professional customer service are available for any questions you have. Refund or return are acceptable by us at [email protected], as we are dedicated to being the best home use tests provider.

You will receive: [email protected] 20 individual packaged PdG tests

What is a PdG test?
Pregnanediol Glucuronide (PdG) is the major urine metabolite of Progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone that helps prepare the female body for conception and pregnancy. Levels of Progesterone in the female body are low in the first half of the menstrual cycle, but will rise significantly after the ovulation. [email protected]® Progesterone (PdG) Test Strips measure the presence of PdG in urine, which has been shown to directly correlate with the presence of progesterone in blood. A Positive PdG test result may confirm that ovulation has occurred. The cutoff level is 5 ug/ml (Microgram/milliliter) units. 5ug/ml is equal to 5000 ng/ml (Nanogram/milliliter) for conversion purposes.

Why do I need to take PdG test?
While LH testing is a reliable way to detect ovulation for many women, due to several factors, ovulation may be irregular and may not occur at the same time each menstrual cycle or may not occur at all. Therefore, PdG urine testing should be performed each menstrual cycle to “double check” if ovulation has occurred to remove any ambiguity or doubt. PdG test also allows TTC women a opportunity to double check ovulation at home before consulting physicians for suspected infertility or subfertility issue. Combining accurate LH and PdG tests makes the natural family planning (NFP) journey much easier.

When should I take PdG test?
It is recommended you test for PdG starting 5 days after your positive LH test until you get a positive result. The PDG tests will help you to get pregnant quicker or confirm ovulation with ease of mind.

It is recommended to use first Morning Urine for PdG test. Unlike other tests like HCG or LH, only the one control line indicates positive for PdG.

PREGMATE 40 Ovulation (LH) and 6 Progesterone (PdG) Test Strips Predictor Kit (40 LH + 6 PdG)

  • Easy to use, accurate and highly reliable Ovulation (LH) and Progesterone (PdG) Test Strips. Gives women a greater chance of detecting their fertile days, even if their cycle lengths are variable
  • Earliest detection, greatest sensitivity level – 25 mIU/mL (FDA Standard). Over 99% accurate at detecting your LH surge
  • Easy To Test : Immerse the strip into the urine. Take the strip out after 3 seconds. Lay the strip flat. Read results in 5 minutes
  • All tests FDA approved. Each test is sealed in individual pouch

Fertility Microscope Ovulation Predictor by Saliva Pattern Biotest Lady-Q

  • Lady-Q is a personal ovulation microscope that allows you to predict ovulation – your most fertile time of the month to conceive.
  • When a woman is about to ovulate, her saliva begins to form a distinct crystal, fern-like pattern due to an increase in hormone levels – as seen through Lady-Q.
  • When instructions are followed, determining fertility through ovulation Lady-Q has been shown to be 98% accurate.
  • For best results, collect a sublingual saliva sample as saliva glands are located below the tongue. Pull (do not unscrew) the lens from the housing. Collect a dab of saliva and place it on the surface of the lens. Try to avoid making bubbles and allow the sample to dry for at least five minutes before attempting to read results. The sample must be dry for best results.
  • Use our economy FREE shipping to continental US states

As estrogen increases, “ferning” or crystal patterns can be viewed in dried samples of saliva (due to elevated quantities of electrolytes that will appear in your saliva). These ferning patterns indicate that ovulation is about to take place. The duration of a woman’s fertile period is typically around six days, ending 24 hours after ovulation takes place. Unlike urine LH tests, Lady-Q allows you to track fertility and your cycle changes throughout your entire menstrual cycle. When you observe a positive result (crystal/ferning patterns), ovulation is likely to occur within 24 to 72 hours.